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IGNITE your Pivot -- Creative Cohort Forming

Updated: May 7, 2020

In this unprecedented time of crisis, it’s natural for the fight/flight instinct to kick-in. It can be challenging to see the forest for the trees when we're scrambling to respond and adapt.

But crisis is also a time for new ideas. Necessity CAN BE the mother of invention. (Yes, she is a woman.)

Harness your Creative Energy

No need to navigate the rough waters alone. SeeChange integrates 25 years of change coaching and consulting experience into our IGNITE Pivot Program, guiding you step-by-step through the process of change, accelerating your shift from REACT to CAPITALIZE!

We work holistically, beyond the head, to the heart and spirit, employing embodied tools and nurturing creative habits that will sustain you and your enterprise for the long-run!

Pivot Group Forming - We Want YOU

Our May IGNITE Your Pivot group is now forming. We are seeking motivated and open-minded small business owners, independents and creatives who make a difference in our community. Over 5 weeks together we will…

  • Assess – Kickoff 1-hour coaching session to gather information, define pivot goals, challenges, opportunities, and next next for moving forward. (Week 1)

  • Connect/Create – Series of 3 X 1.5-hour group training/coaching sessions led by SeeChange with participation by fellow entrepreneurs to create and hone your baseline plan. (Week 2, 3 and 4)

  • Commit – Concluding 1-hour coaching session to discuss feedback on your plan, define next steps, and commit to action. (Week 5)

Great news! Crisis Funding Available

Though a generous grant provided by SBWorks ( the $600 fee will discounted or significantly covered for qualified participants.

Target launch for Cohort 1 is early June, exact dates to be announced.

Note that, during this time of shelter-in-place, all meetings will be held virtually. Rest assured we are Zoom Pros and effectively leverage the technology, and our facilitation expertise, one-on-one and in groups.

It’s time to fan your FLAME!


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