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Collaborating with clients to create lasting change.

SeeChange is committed to your results. We focus on internal shifts in mindsets, teamwork, and competencies that then have ripple effects on the organization – the quality of products, effectiveness of services, satisfaction of employees and stakeholders – and ultimately the bottom line


Here is a sample of projects and results from our client portfolio. 


“Employing SeeChange’s collaborative approach, we were able to bring all the various departments and stakeholders together to define and agree on a OneWRI vision, breaking down the silos and getting people excited about the change. SeeChange was instrumental, then, in moving us from concept to requirements to selection of a technology solution that has enabled WRI to grow globally and rapidly and yet work together even more effectively."  

- Steve Barker, Chief Financial and Operating Officer

One WRI Global ECM Transformation


SeeChange teamed with top CFOO and top leaders to envision, plan and implement OneWRI, a strategic initiative aimed at streamlining processes and better leveraging staff resources in the growing, global institution. Supported all stages of the project life-cycle, including: visioning, stakeholder analysis, steering committee team-building, change planning, and redesign of 11 core processes, in addition to preparing RFP specifications to evaluate and select a technology provider. Facilitated smooth transition to the implementation team to ensure successful roll-out. 


  • Successful roll-out of the system to 800 users in 15 locations across 10 countries

  • Improved collaboration and information sharing enabling rapid organizational growth

  • Streamlined Grants and Contracts and Accounts Payable functions and smoother audits 

  • Reduced replication and faster cycle times for decision-making

  • Improved staff effectiveness - time freed-up for more strategic tasks


“SeeChange’s support – from promotion to planning to execution – has been strategic in helping us ‘ignite’ the energy of our leaders and build the capacity of our chapters to be self-sufficient and successful. This in turn, allows Partners to better fulfill our mission to serve and change lives through lasting partnerships.” 

– Barbara Bloch, Membership Officer

IGNITE Chapter Engagement and Growth


Developed and facilitated a collaborative IGNITE strategic planning and training program for 30 leaders representing 20 chapters across the US, Mexico, Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean. Led coaching webinar with participants to reinforce skills, review progress, challenges and next steps, and help keep the momentum going.


  • Draft chapter plans completed

  • New country and student chapters forming

  • Increased focus on core competencies and passions

  • Commitments to actions – new grant opportunities, partnerships, member engagement events.


“Working with SeeChange was a pleasure. Their experts helped us see that our top team was the key to facilitating culture change – and they guided us through jointly creating a vision and building skills needed to bring the entire team along. We hope to leverage their expertise in the future to keep the momentum going and continue improving our ability to serve small and local businesses.” 

– Kristi Whitfield, Director

Leadership Teambuilding and Change


Conducted an organizational needs assessment, pinpointing strengths and areas for improvement. Planned and facilitated a series group sessions, starting with the management team, expanding to all-staff, then focused on each functional division. Coached leaders and secured to commitment to action around 4 pillars: Leadership Cohesiveness, Empowerment & Accountability, Culture of Openness, Agency Unity & Pride.


  • Improved effectiveness of management team members to lead their divisions

  • Enhanced teamwork and synergy across silos

  • Clear overarching plan with leadership and staff buy-in

  • Proactive vs. reactive work environment

  • Enhanced morale and atmosphere of trust


“Anne’s coaching helped me take the bold steps needed to turn our school around, making key organizational changes at the top and shifting our staff from resistance to exploration to commitment to a strong future in support of our students.”


– Nicole Hanrahan, Executive Director

Change Management Coaching and Teambuilding


Provided leadership coaching during a time of significant change in the organization’s evolution, including staff changes, new strategic mandates, and a physical relocation;  led a staff retreat aimed at improving morale and shifting culture toward one of solution-orientation, accountability and empowerment; developed organizational improvement recommendations and coached leaders through adoption.


  • New principal and strengthened leadership team

  • Greater collaboration with the board

  • Improved morale among employees/teachers

  • Better service to students

  • Improved standing in community


“Through SeeChange’s support, our executive committee was able to gather the data needed to isolate key issues and take actions to be a stronger, more sustainable organization and better serve our Peace Corps community.”


– Rhett Power, Communications Chair, President, Power Coaching & Consulting

Strategic Planning & 360 Performance Assessment


In collaboration with the board president and ExComm, SeeChange worked to develop an tailored online 360 evaluation address five areas of optimal performance: Overall Organization, Performance, Community Leadership, Administration/HR, Financial, Mission Impact, and Board Management. SeeChange analyzed the data to pinpoint issues and opportunities, then defined a plan for board and staff joint improvement, coaching leaders on communication and implementation.  


  • Clarity and agreement on improvement measures

  • Enhanced transparency and buy-in of board

  • Model set for future HR performance process - time savings and quality improvement  

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