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SeeChange employs a collaborative approach with our clients based on the belief that the answers lie within the people, and it’s our job, as consultants, to draw them out (Kurt Lewin, PhD, Social Psychology, Action Research, 1948)

We start with a basic but critical question: What does success look like for you?  We probe and listen carefully to gain clarity, then devise a project plan to ensure that, together, we achieve results. SeeChange rarely employs  just one tool or service, but integrates and tailors our programs to fit your needs. Find out more about our strategic consulting, facilitation, training and coaching services...

What does success look like?

Change Management Consultig
Change Management Consulting

Whether your organizations is experiencing a change in leadership, a need for reorganization or new strategic direction, low performance or perhaps a new market opportunity, SeeChange guides you through.

The SeeChange Star Model© is a key tool in our toolbox. Through this lens we see the big picture, first defining the strategic goals (in the center of the star), then exploring opportunities for improvement in all aspects of the organization: People, Process, Technology, Culture, and Structure. 

The key to success is involving stakeholders in the process of their own change. We facilitate dynamic sessions that address both the technical and human elements of the strategy change.We treat all resistance as information, asking probing questions and gaining critical data to shift your team into the Exploration zone.

By integrating head and heart, we ensure improvements stick.

Group Facilitation

SeeChange provides expert facilitation to help groups, large and small, become more than the sum of their parts. We believe in the group process as a key means to both gather diverse and creative input and build buy-in.

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Over the years we have led upwards of one-hundred group sessions, including:

  • Team Retreats

  • Strategic Planning Sessions

  • Teambuilding

  • Project Planning

  • Change Management

  • Board Development

  • Process Improvement


When we facilitate our sessions, we employ and model:

  • Appreciative inquiry,

  • Active listening and mirroring, 

  • Brainstorming and prioritizing, 

  • Noting and reinforcing, 

  • Objectivity and openness.

We do many things at one time: engage all voices, encourage diverse perspectives – but also focus the group to gain agreement, reach goals, and commit to actions.

Group Faciliation
Effectivness Training & Coaching
Effectiveness Training and Coaching

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

We are all familiar with the Chinese proverb. But SeeChange takes this saying to heart in our all our client work. Our programs comprise are based upon a hierarchy of effectiveness.    


  • Personal - Build awareness of yourself and your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and team member. 

  • Interpersonal – Improve your understanding of your team and developing communication and collaboration skills to improve your effectiveness as a team.

  • Strategic – Enhance your strategic capacity in the areas of people management, stakeholder/partner engagement, project management, and change management. 

In all SeeChange training programs, you learn by doing. We cover the theory and best practices, but focus much of the training time on hands-on exercises that encourage participants to collaboratively practice the skills they will need in the real world.


Participants walk out of the room with a personal learning plan; and for intact teams, we help the group commit to organizational goals that will move the group to the next level in terms of its morale and productivity.


Additionally, we provide one-on-one coaching to follow-up on the training, reinforce the learnings, check-in on accomplishments, challenges and opportunities, and reinforce next steps to continue the evolution of your team. 

IGNITE Training Program for Innovators

The SeeChange IGNITE program is a special training and planning program designed for innovators and social entrepreneurs who want to translate their creative dreams into reality

This program has been developed based on many years of work with leaders who have experienced the natural challenges of, and successes and failures in running their own enterprises, as well as on SeeChange’s own entrepreneurship experience.

The IGNITE Cycle of Success takes you through each step in the process, integrating training, planning and commitment to action.

  • Focus & Create Your Strategic Plan – Based on the Good to Great model, clarify your market niche then get clear on vision, mission, values and goals. 

  • Organize & Build Your Team – Assess and organize your team, ensuring you have the right structure, clears roles and reporting lines, and people in the right positions with clear expectations. 

  • Collaborate & Engage Stakeholders– Learn and apply practices of open and engaged communication, brainstorming, motivation and empowerment, and effective meetings to generate energy within your team as well as reach out to the community (including volunteers and partners) to engage them in activities, events, and fundraising opportunities.  

  • Act, Evaluate & Celebrate – Define and take action on ‘small-win’ projects to engage your team and community, evaluate impact, and celebrate success. From these projects you generate the momentum and information needed to go to scale. 

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We tailor the IGNITE program to fit your audience and organizational focus, providing tools, worksheets and coaching to support you through the learning and creation process. See below for some client lessons from IGNITE.

Client Lessons from IGNITE


I learned to be more conscious about the management and distribution of money, lower labor costs, and separate personal and professional relationships. 

I learned that planning is critical, as well as a better understanding of my competitors.I gained new ideas about the ways of building local business networks.

I learned to take my changes in steps, and with deadlines for my projects.

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