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Embodied Business: Try this at home!

Get up from your desk.

Push your chair back to give yourself space. Plant your feet on the ground, shoulder distance apart. Soften your knees, elongate your spine, imagining tiny air pockets between each vertebra.

Like a tree, root down to rise up.*

Relax your shoulder blades down your back, level your chin, close your eyes or let your gaze go fuzzy.

Breathe. Notice the sensations running through you.

This is Mountain Pose, Tadasana.

Where can you find even more calm? Even more strength?

When you’re ready, blink your eyes open and thank yourself for that break. Promise you’ll do it again. Promise you’ll share it with your team on the next Zoom call.

This is Embodied Business. It doesn’t take much; and it can change everything.

I've been practicing yoga and meditation for 12 years and just completed yoga teacher training. Now I'm incorporating these holistic practices into SeeChange's Embodied Business program to help leaders and teams improve focus, performance and resilience.

In this time of Cvirus disruption, uncertainty ahead, sequestered at home and stuck behind our computers all day, we need these body awareness practices now more than ever.

And the benefits are instantaneous!

Our first Embodied Business webinar went live last Thursday over Zoom. And despite the 'virtuality' of the session and inevitable tech glitches – we 25-odd participants were living (and breathing) proof of the power of movement.

Before: Discombobulated, scattered, zoomed-out, drained, stiff, expectant

After: Energized, spacious, stretched, tingly, looser, calm, relaxed

A simple 10-minute routine shifted the collective energy. As leader, I felt the effects too – not only of the movement, but the inspiration generated by the group – even an online one.

Join the movement! Connect with me at and I’ll send you'll get practical tips, routine cue sheets, links to yoga and mindfulness resources, and invitations to upcoming events, including Embodied Business Webinar Part 2: Deepening Your Practice and Bringing Movement into the Workplace.

Now is the time to cultivate grounding, strengthening practices in our lives, in our businesses, for the long-run.

*Shout out to Retreat Center in Harper's Ferry, WV, where I first heard this expression and, among the trees, felt it.


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