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This is the change we’ve all been waiting for…

…praying, donating, door-knocking, phone-banking, and fist-banging for.

A lifelong Washingtonian, I’ve been through 12 of these presidential elections, many of them nail-biters; but none, needless to say, has felt quite like this.

Sleepless nights, heart palpitations, hair loss. I've just been through a month of planning and preparation – agent interviews, financial calculations, contractor estimates – to sell my house – get out before the mayhem hits!

But I know it won’t do to run.

“Move, but don’t move the way FEAR makes you move,” says Rumi.

Instead, do this…first thing, before coffee, wearing pajamas and slippers, if you like.

Step out onto your back patio and squat down into Goddess pose – feet planted firmly, thighs strong, spine erect. (Should of seen me cursing trying to get this live action selfie!)

Once in position, let the wind whip and swirl around you – billowing the leaves, felling rotted trees. It's up to something today – blowing out the old and inviting in the new.

Notice the chime tinkling overhead. Smile up at the sky, a piercing cloudless blue.

Stay there now, shoulders relaxed, gaze focused, breath steady. Feel your legs shake a little, notice a sweat break. Pray to Kali, goddess of death and transformation, for change, and peace, peace, peace.

And, if you prefer rock-and-roll grounding, invoke Tom Petty.

Bring him to mind, the twangy voice, thumping snare, and badass guitar. Sing along with the lyrics in your head. "I'm gonna stand. My. Ground. I won't. Back. Down." Punctuate the words. Bother the neighbors with your off-key belting. "Heyyyyy, baby. There ain't no easy way out..." Feel the sound resonate in your chest. Bounce and flow to your own heartbeat.

When you finish your crooning, exhale. Straighten your legs and feel the energy move though you. Then take a bow.

You’re ready now.

Do this tomorrow and the next day – come hell or high-water – as the vote counts roll in -- and the map lights up red and purple and (mostly) BLUE.

This grounding, this energy, is within you.


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댓글 2개

Lucan Pipkin
Lucan Pipkin
2020년 11월 03일

I love Tom Petty. And this song. Thanks for making me smile Anne and prompting a good soundtrack for tomorrow. And now back to praying...🙏🌊💪👊


marlene barardo
marlene barardo
2020년 11월 02일

I love this!! Headed outside to my pool deck, right now!!!

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