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Be Your Own Damn Change in 2023 and You are Perfect as You Are

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

As 2022 comes to a close, I hearken back to the incredible journey I've been on.

When that hawk swooped down before me in a meadow in in a holler in West Virginia, they woke me up to my true desire: I wanted their freedom and simplicity for myself. (

Another way of reading that hawk's message: Be your own damn change!

One year, 20 states, 15k road miles, countless national parks, hundreds of hiking miles, and many days of sacred quiet…I am back in business…stronger and clearer than ever about what matters.

Helping myself so that I can help others is my LIFE’s Vision; you could even say it’s my very reason for being.

Now, I’m coming to the work in a new and more powerful way: combining mind, body and spirit.

From SeeChange --> BeChange --> SiChange…I am here to help folks say YES to their dreams!

You ready to engage? Maybe you'll discover... it's time for a cross-country adventure or time to launch your YouTube channel, time to complete your bottled-up memoir or start a rock band or spend more time just being.

Let's discover together!

Join me for SeeChange Vision Quest 2023, two live zoom workshops to guide you on the road to envision and embody your dreams.

I'm so excited to lead this creative and collaborative program, including some mindful movement to get us out of our heads.

Mark your calendars with these tentative dates…

Sunday Jan 15, 4 to 5:30 pm and Sunday January 22, 4-5:45 pm. The cost is $50.

The registration link will be up on my website next week; but feel free to dm me if you’d like to reserve your spot in advance.

Happy Creative New Year,

Amblin’ Anne


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